An overview

Learning Dutch is part of the integration process. In addition, you have to learn how Dutch people live and work. After this, you take the integration exam. If you pass this exam, then you are officially integrated. Most people who integrate are asylum migrants (refugees).

Integration obligation

If you have to integrate, DUO will send you a letter telling you the date on which you have to start your integration. Beginning with this date, you then have 3 years to integrate. This is called the integration period.

Do you no longer have the letter? In Mijn Inburgering you can see the date from which you have to integrate.

Voluntary integration

You can also integrate on a voluntary basis. This means that there is no obligation but you yourself want to do this. One reason for doing this is so that you can naturalise.

Going to school

You can learn for the exam by yourself if you prefer. But most people do a course at a school. DUO doesn’t have textbooks for the exam but it does provide practice exams.