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DUO is too late

If you send DUO an application, DUO needs to take a decision within 8 weeks. In case of a request for partial remission of a debt, DUO needs to decide within 12 weeks. In case of a letter of objection, DUO needs to decide within 6 weeks after the ends.

Does it take longer and do you not receive an answer from DUO? If so, you can send DUO a notice of default. This means you ask DUO to take a decision within 2 weeks.

More time to decide

Sometimes DUO needs more time. For instance if DUO needs more information from you. If DUO needs more time, we will let you know in writing.

How to send a notice of default?

  1. Fill out the Ingebrekestelling - Dwangsom bij niet tijdig beslissen form if you did not receive a letter from DUO in time.
  2. Send the form by email or post to the address on the form.

What happens next

DUO receives your notice of default. After this, DUO must take a decision within 2 weeks. If DUO does not, this will happen:

  • You are entitled to money for each day that DUO is too late. This is called a penalty. The maximum is 42 days and € 1,442.
  • You can appeal to the court right away. This means you do not need to send a letter of objection first. If the judge rules in your favour, DUO must decide within 2 weeks.