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Corona: questions and answers

On this page you find frequently asked questions and the answers.

Can I pick up my integration diploma?

No, you can’t pick up your diploma. All exam locations are closed up to 28 April 2020. However, you can download  your diploma from the diploma register.

Will I get more time to integrate?

DUO takes the corona measures into account. If you get more time, you will automatically receive a letter from DUO. The letter states how much extra time you get.

More information will follow soon.

I have received a fine. Do I have to pay this?

  • Did you have to finish your integration before 12 March 2020? And didn’t you make this? Then you will be fined. You need to pay the fine.
  • Do you have to finish your integration on or after 12 March 2020? And aren’t you going to make this? Then you will not be fined yet.
Measures coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus, DUO takes a number of measures. Read more